Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh Kimi, and other things.

There is a look on a persons face when you know they are glad to see you. It's a look that you only get from a friend. Someone who knows you and enjoys seeing your face. This look is taken for granted by way to many people. Even though it has been 3.5 years since we left Pullman, I still miss that look. Don't get me wrong, I got that look from people in Alaska. But never the way I got it in Pullman. There were people I never really hung out with during the week, but every Sunday I would see them and be greeted with that look. Pullman was kind of a cruel trick for Dave and I. Never again will we have friends the way we did in College. I long to be with those friends again. I miss them the same way I miss my family.

In Alaska I had several good friends. Most of them were military so we all moved on at about the same time. However my very best friend in Alaska stopped being my friend about 9 months before we departed Alaska. I still do not know why this happened. This has left a hole in me that has yet to heal. It left me feeling disposable and resulted in a lot of sad days on my part. Nothing Dave said or did has been able to compensate for the loss of that friendship.

Along comes Kimi Gale. Kimi is the great eraser. Before she got here I was so bummed about not having any friends in Georgia. I missed my Army friends, my Alaska friends and as always my Pullman friends. Kim has been here for a month. Words can not describe the impact she has had on me and my whole house. She just brings a beautiful spirit with her. A spirit I have been privy to all my life, but never really noticed until she arrived. I have gone from feeling very sorry for my self, to not caring that no one gives me that look. Who really cares if no one cares that I'm around? If I've made Kimis day, I'm happy. Making her day is not a difficult thing to do. For the next 18 months I'm sure my blog will have a lot about Kimi on it. She is such a major part of our life now it's not possible to exclude her from my writing. Dave and I both love having her in our home.

At church the other day Kimi had really bad breath. Well apparently my mom has taught Kimi not to chew gum. Or maybe she just doesn't like it. What ever the reason she didn't want to have anything to do with my gum. She kept telling me I could just give her a cert. I don't use certs. So finally I made Kimi chew this piece of gum. For 10 minutes she gave me the stink eye, while I tried to talk her into chewing the gum. Finally I figured she would have had to have it chewed. I let her spit it out. I am not kidding.... there was no more then 3 chews on that piece of gum. Also.... the same day I got a full lecture from Kimi about the cookies I just made. She kept on telling me they had too much sugar in them. (I know this is straight from my moms mouth to Kim's.) Finally Dave asked Kimi how come our cookies weren't ok, but her ice cream was fine? She replied by informing us that ice cream has milk in it and milk is good for you. It was a fight we couldn't win.

One more Kimi story and then I'll stop. I can't wait to see Kimi in heaven whole. I really hope she still likes me when she can see all my flaws. The other day I was in a bad mood. Dave called me grumpy and I called him a turd. He then grabbed my arm and pulled me into our food pantry, shut the door and then tried to hug and heckle the grumpy out of me. Upon leaving the pantry Dave was met with the wrath of Kimi. She was not happy that he had called me grumpy and grabbed me by the arm. She laid into Dave like I have never seen before. Apparently my dad has never openly called my mom grumpy. Dave got the wrath of nine hells on his head. And all out of protection of me. Yes I think Kimi will be a very good person to have on my side some day. Seeing he would not win, Dave said sorry and showed her a Jack Black video on you tube. All was forgiven. She really is easy to please.

Daves family shows love through teasing. I have learned this the hard way. I know that my father in law loves me. Of this I have no doubt. However he will push my buttons and tease me until I am on the verge of giving him the bird. Dave is the same way. Teasing is just a way to say I love you. Kimi and I however pretty much grew up in a tease free zone. We got it a little when we were young, but for the most part never got teased. Kimi and Dave are on an interesting path of discovery in the teasing department. It's a work in progress.

Ok I know I've mentioned before that little boys are perverts. It just never ends. The other night Abe and Dallin were taking a bath. After several minutes we were able to convince them to stop touching their dangles. From touching they moved on to watching them float in the water. This was amazing to both of them. But there was no touching. Upon exit of the bath tub Abe points his freshly clean behind at the back of his brothers head and says "Do you want to smell my clean bum, bum?" At this point both of them burst out laughing. I don't ever remember doing this to Kimi or any of my friends. Boys are so weird. I would love to think that they will out grow this. I have however been a wrestling manager for a high school wrestling team and I know my husband played Frisbee hoo ha smash in the MTC. Please tell me my boys are normal. They seem normal, but I would never do what they do!

So Tom Hanks has let me down. I have been a huge Tom Hanks fan for the last 20 years. He said that Mormons are unamerican and gripped about all the money the church gave to the Yes on prop 8. What a stupid thing to say. The church didn't give any money to Yes on prop 8! That is not the way they spend tithing. Members of our church yes, but the church... heck no! As for unamerican.... what a moron. He clearly knows nothing of our history. OHHHHHH, I'm so sad by his comments. I've always thought that we would be good friends when I got to Hollywood. I was wrong. How is it that the Mormons get all the credit for Prop 8 passing? Why do people think we have so much power? Prior to the vote I didn't see a single Yes on prop 8 rally on TV. They were all No on prop 8. 80 % of blacks voted yes on prop 8. And yet the mormons get 100% of the glory to it passing. Oh I hate that I can't stop watching the news!

The boys started Mixed Martial Arts. They love it. I know they are probably a little young for it. But they really wanted to do it and they are loving it! Abe and Dallin are both in really good schools. I'm pretty darn happy with our set up here in Georgia.

Dave's school is awesome. Most days of the week he is home by 4:15. I love it! I know it's short lived and that we will probably face another deployment soon. But for here and now we love it! Our house is awesome, Dave is home and the weather is pretty warm. Yes we have it really good right now.

At the beginning of January Scout (our dog) turned 3. Dave made her chicken and rice and we had a cake for her. She is such a spoiled dog!


twoplustwins said...

I am so glad you posted. I love hearing the Kimi stories and hope you continue to post them. I can't help but smile as I read about her and your family.
I do believe that boys really never do grow out of some things! Isaac LOVES to tease and works very hard at it...sometimes to the sadness of his siblings.

Natalie said...

Jodi-I love your posts. They always make me laugh out loud! I get so excited when I see that you have a new post to read. I agree about Tom Hanks-just be thankful you don't live here in CA and don't have to be in the middle of all of it-it is a mess.
I am sending you that look. I couldn't agree more about Pullman. I miss it terribly and miss all of the friends that we made there. It will never be the same so I am glad we have blogs to keep in touch.
P.S. I hope that a move to CA is in your near future-I could use a good haircut!

Nygards said...

What I wouldn't give to be able to see everyone again from Pullman. Nothing compares with the food and fun you and Dave used to provide. I love Kimi and love the stories. Hope you guys are well!

CES Missionaries said...

Jodi your Dad was laughing so hard that he could not see so he called me over to continue reading. It only lasted a few minutes until I could not read either. You are such a good writer and humorist. I'm so glad you and Kimi get some adult time to grow and love together again.
Dave and the boys will survive.

Winn Family said...

I love your family! I'm so sorry about all the sad as of late---that sucks! (I like you lots and lots Jodi!) But so happy about everything else. I love that Kimi is living with you guys. We've been blessed so much by her already. In fact just yesterday at the derby Jess was a little stressed (as he gets around chaos) and just by Kimi talking to us, I could see his stress just melt away. And today at church we were talking about how amazing it is that she's just so happy and that you can't be sad around her. She's amazing!!!
Why do you have to move now that we're just getting to know you? LAME! (oh, and I loved the green dress on the side that we talked about today! AWESOME)

Winn Family said...

oh, and one more thing, if you guys want to go out for Valentines day, me and Jess are staying home and watching some kids, so feel free to drop your kids off. I think we're doing it from like 4:30-8:30 ish. That's all! cya

Wendy said...

Oh how I love Kimi! Hopefully your boys can teach mine some self-defense moves. Or yours will simply just kick mine's butts. Whatever. As long as they work things out without me having to intervene - I am good with whatever. Keep up the blogging - I love reading it! So entertaining and yet incredibly informative. My bunny ears don't get very many channels. Yes, I'm from backwoods WA.