Thursday, March 12, 2009

Savannah and my random mind

This is the hotel Becky and I stayed in. It was one of the first Hotels in Savannah. It has been redone very nicely, but it's still an old building. It smelled like garlic. It was right on the water. It was fun to see the boats come and go on the river.

My Junior year of high school I became good church friends with a girl named Becky Willis. About half way through the year I started to realize she didn't really talk to me at school. A little, but it seemed like she went out of her way to not speak to me at school. Our second semester in Mr. Schmicks class we sat across from each other. Having realized she would be my buddy at church and not a school.... I started talking her ear off every day during class. One day she looked at me and said "Your never going to shut up are you?" I said "No, I'm not." (She didn't want to talk to me at school because her group of friends didn't like me.) Well pretty much since that day we have been very good friends. I talked her into moving to Provo with me and finishing beauty school at the Paul Mitchell school. She was my maid of honor at my wedding. And although we don't talk every day or even every week, she remains one of my closest friends.

Becky is not married. Which means she has the whole world at her feet. The awesome thing about that is... she is doing something with that power. For years she has been talking about going to Art school. Well earlier this year she applied at SCAD, one of the Nations finest Art Schools. It's located in Savannah Georgia. She got in. Not only did she get in but she was offered a scholarship. Not full ride, but a start and she is trying for some more scholarships that I'm sure she will get. (Her art work really is awesome.) So Becky needed to come and check out the school. I happen to be living 2.5 hours north of Savannah. She came out to visit me and we went down to Savannah. Between my friend Misty and David they took care of Kimi, Abe and Dallin. So we got to go alone! It was wonderful! The city of Savannah is just breathtaking! It's a total walking city and our first day there we probably covered 6 miles. 8 months pregnant this completely wiped me out. But we had such a good time. SCAD is an awesome school! They had so many wonderful programs. I am jealous of this next chapter of Becky's life. She is going to have an awesome time!
I love the old buildings in Savannah! This was one was on the same block as our hotel.

I have a couple of Abraham stories. Some times that boy is just so darn funny. The other day he announces to Dave and I that he is going to quit school. I told him that was fine, but he would need to get a job, because he cant just do nothing. I asked him what kind of job he was going to get to help earn money. First he said "oh I know, I'll make money running on the treadmill." I told him that wouldn't work. So then he said "Well then I'll do pull ups!" Once again I told him that wouldn't work. Exasperated he said "Then what will work!" Needless to say with a daddy in the Army and a mom that refuses to give in to fatness our children are being brain washed from a very young age about physical fitness. Sorry about that kids. Every family has their flaws.

We went to McDonalds drive thru the other day. I gave the lady my order. As I started to pull away from the speaker, Abe says to me "Mom, does that lady have a period?" Shocked I tried to keep my cool. After a few moments of trying to find the right words I ask Abe where he heard that. He said "Mrs. Pulaski....very long pause.....She said every sentence has a period at the end of it." I said yes she does have a period at the end of her sentence. I almost had a heart attack. Mrs. Pulaski is Abes kindergarten teacher.

Also the other day Abe says to me "Mom when I grow up and have a wife I'm gonna be your next door neighbor." I told him that was fine but his wife would have to be ok with it too. He said "Oh she's ok with it." I am so happy that my children seem to like Dave and I. We have no idea what we are doing, but we must be doing something right.
After eating at Paula Deens The Lady and Sons Becky and I hit the gift shop. Where her son Bobby just happen to be hanging out. It was fun to pose like we knew who he was. Which we really didn't we just figured he must be one of Paulas sons, because other people were falling over him.

My older brother Eldon is five years my senior. He is very calm in nature. I bet most people have never really seen him angry. There isn't much about me that is calm. I'm calming down as I get older, but it's certainly in my nature to be anything but calm. I remember several times as a kid or teenager, my parents would be gone, I was board in my room so my thoughts would drift to my brother Eldon. On the occasion that this would happen I would see only one option. I must go down stairs and say or do things confrontational enough to make Eldon turn red in the face and scream at me. It really was good sport if you had nothing else to do and your parents aren't home. I believe my success rate when I put my mind to it was 100%. I even got him to hit me once. (I milked that one for days.) Once I had succeeded in making my brother scream at me I would return to my room and revel in my accomplishment. Knowing I had just done something that few if any other people would ever be able to do.

You would think that this act would have some how damaged our relationship. But Eldon always got me back. I was a very emotional teenager. I was upset all the time. When Eldon could tell that I was really worked up he would sing very happy songs to me. This always drove me over the edge. There was nothing I hated more then the song Love at Home after a long fight with my mother. He usually choose to do this while driving me somewhere in the car. So I had no escape. To date Eldon is not only my brother, but one of my best friends. I love his wife and I love talking to him on a regular basis.

It turns out most families have some sort of relationship like that. With Kimi living with us I'm starting to see that some times I have a relationship like that with her. I try not to, but some times it just slips out. For example: The other day Kimi and I got hot dogs at Sams Club. As we were leaving Sam Club I set my hot dot on my cart. I hadn't gotten very far when it fell to the side of my cart. But it landed in the paper. Kimi then proceeded to tell me that I needed to watch my hot dog and put it in a better place. Annoyed that I had just dropped my hot dog, I told her thank you and to be quite. As we started making our way to the car, my hot dog rolled off my cart and onto the ground. Again landing perfectly on the paper it was wrapped in. However by now I'm super annoyed. Kimi then really started in about how I hadn't picked a good place for my hot dog and I needed to be more careful. This enraged me beyond words. I didn't yell at her. However I did tell her I didn't want to hear her speak for five minutes. I guess it doesn't really matter if you are "normal" or you have down syndrome. A sibling is a sibling.
This is Paula Deens Key Lime Pie. I am not ashamed to say that... I am a better person because I have eaten it. It was so very, very good! I have the recipe and intend to make it for the upcoming ward talent show.

If I die tomorrow I want my eulogy to say that my 5 year old and my 4 year old still take naps. And that I eradicated Kimi's toe fungus. As far as I can tell these are my greatest accomplishments and deserve due note. Kimi arrived at our house with toe nails that would scare the most seasoned podiatrist. They were thick, yellow and truly gross. She has been collecting this toe nail fungus for the last 6 years. I had my mom get some over the counter toe nail fungus fighter. At first it was so hard for me to put the stuff on her toes twice a day. But after a short time I started to revel in the challenge. I get to file them, cut them and continue to put that stuff on them. They in no way are perfect... but they look 100% better. I have made it my life's cause to do away with Kimi's toe nail fungus. I have taken up the cause the same way that one guy in Arizona has taken up the cause to get illegal aliens off his property and out of America. We both have Strong convection's.
I would love to go back to this beach when it's warm. When we were there it was pretty cold for the region. Becky is going to have a wonderful time living so close to the beach.

I am allergic to big book stores. I love them. They smell nice and I aways feel smarter just being in them. However, every time I step into Barns and Noble I have to poop. Every single time! Is there something in the air? I used to think it was only Barns and Noble that I'm allergic to, but the other day I went into Barns and Noble and Boarders in the same day. The same thing happened at both stores. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else. But I refuse to believe I am the only one this happens to. If large book stores have the same effect on you, please speak up. I hate feeling like a freak of nature.
Tybee island was way more beautiful then I thought it would be. The coast line was completely different then anything I've seen before. I really liked this walkway out to the ocean.

Dave had a big project due the other day. I know it was a big project because I knew it was taking place. Dave doesn't really talk about work much. After he presented his project he texted me and told me it had gone awesome! I was really happy for him. When he got home for lunch I asked him what kind of grade he had gotten. He told me he got 85 out of 100. I said that's not that good, what did you do wrong? Apparently in this perfect presentation he gave, he forgot to recognize the senior officer in the room and he played with his pointer thing. I love this about my husband! The Army is full of suck ups and people who think they are super special because of their rank. This is not my husband. He really isn't ever going to suck up. And if there is ever going to be something he will forget... it will defiantly be to recognize the senior officer. Dave gives respect when it is due and earned. In general he is respectful to everyone. But he never goes out of his way to rub elbows with big wigs. I remind him all the time that it's not what you know but who you know. This means nothing to Dave. He is not a kiss up now, nor will he ever be. Being in the Army this is rare and I love him even more for it!

Spanish moss hang from all the trees in Savannah. Apparently the original settlers of the area would stuff their pillows and what not with it. Then they would get eaten by the bugs... Hence, Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Friends play a major roll in my life. In Daves too, but more so my life then his. However having said that the two of us have a theory. If no man can serve two masters, can you really be dear friends with someone if you don't like their spouse? Example: David is my best friend. At the risk of sounding cheesy... he is my day and night, my whole world. With out him I am not whole. This being said, can I be really good friends with someone if their spouse doesn't really like Dave? The answer we have come up with is no. You can be causal friends, but true friendship will never be achieved.

As we look at our own life it seems to have rung true. All of the people I hold dear to me, all have husbands I am always happy to see and are always happy to see both David and I. They have husbands I am grateful for, because they take such good care of my friend. Even though I love the female half of the relationship more then the male, I recognize that with out the male half my friend would surly fall short. Because of this Dave and I have come to the conclusion that life long friendships can only be formed when there is love for all four parties involved.

I have no idea what I bring to the table in my friendships. I have wonderful friends who don't seem to be divorcing me. So I must bring something to the table. But just what that thing is I have no idea. I feel so fortunate in my life for my friends. I really believe that because of each one of them I am not only a better person but a more complete person as well.

I have met a new friend here in Georgia. Our husbands have yet to spend much time together. But all the tell tale signs are there for them liking each other and for us liking each others husbands. This delights me to no end. She is an amazing person. When I first got here I was pretty bummed about how long it took me to really meet people. Once I met Sarah, I felt a kindred spirit in her. Not only do we have a lot in common, but our friendship wont be ending in Georgia. We are both Army and both headed to Ft. Hood Texas. Even though I wont be there for a year. I love knowing that she will be there when I arrive. Sarah has five kids. The oldest is severally handicapped. Her only daughter has had cancer. All of these challenges she has handled in stride. She radiates the kind of spirit I can only hope to catch a piece of. I feel so blessed and lucky to once again have found such a wonderful person, who doesn't think I'm so bad either.
I have some of the worlds most wonderful friends. Some of my Army friends from Alaska knew I wouldn't be having a baby shower here in Georgia. So together they threw me a virtual baby shower! It's been lots of fun opening the gifts as they come in the mail. Every day is like Christmas! My friend Misty,(who was also in Alaska with me) came over and took some pictures of me and my new goodies. I really have been blessed with good Friends.

Good Friends, Awesome Family, Children who like me and a Husband I am lucky to know, let alone get to spend eternity with. My life is pretty darn good.


Becky said...

I would like to leave for the record that Jodi's friends (not Jodi though) had been making fun of me and my friends since the dawn of time. We went to a small school where you go to elementary, middle, and highschool with the same people. So it isn't like I was just being stuck up. She doesn't believe it but she was popular and I was not. But she coerced me to love her anyway, and I do!

Myrna said...

It is fun to read your blog. I have two grand babies due this month also. You are an awesome lady.
Love Aunt Myrna

Shari Davis said...

Hey Jodi! Love your blog! Congratulations on the babe! I'm sure she's beautiful! I think you're so fabulous and so fun! Everytime I hang out with you, you bring a smile to my face!!! Congrats again!