Sunday, October 5, 2008

Normal America

So we have finally moved! No the house did not sell. The house is beautiful and the lot sucks. What can you do? We are going to lease it out for a few years, and then we'll try again.

So to get to "Normal America." (Also known as the continental US.) We took a Ferry from Haines Alaska to Bellingham Washington. This took 3.5 days. It was a really cool experience. While driving through Canada to get to Haines we found a Grizzley bear! It was super cool! At first I didn't think it was a Grizzly. But then later that day we saw some Black Bears, and I realized for sure it was a Grizzly. Anyway we found this Grizzley in the middle of the road. So we stooped the car and fed it some beef jerky. We took video of all this, if I can figure out how to work this dang blog I'll post it. Later that day, upon arriving in Haines we found two black bears. One of them was eating a salmon and the other one was taking a swim in the river, surrounded by about 9 fisherman. All of the fisherman were waste deep in the water and weren't bothered by the bears at all. Alaska is such a strange place. There was a ton of camp sites around this river that had the two black bears. Dave and I agreed that there is no way we would camp there in anything less then a full sized Whinnie.

So the Ferry was pretty darn neat. The only thing that made it a little ho hum.... is that we have been living in Alaska for the last 3 years. So we are already well aware that Alaska is beautiful. Most people would have been blown away. The route the Ferry takes is the same route that the Cruise ships take. So it really is pretty. But we have been so spoiled by beauty for the last 3 years we spent most of our time in our stateroom. I thought our stateroom was great! It was way bigger then I was expecting. It had 4 bunks, a shower, a toilet, a sink, a closet and a pretty spacious sitting area. The boys had a wonderful time playing all day and Dave and I really enjoyed the 3 days of just reading.

On the last full day of our trip we went into open water for about 90 minutes. Abe woke up and snuggled Dave during this time. The boat was going through about 5 foot swells. No big deal, but still you should stay down if you can. We'll Abe wanted to see out side. After about 3 minutes of looking out the window he starts screaming. Then he started throwing up. It was so funny! 5 foot swells and my little Abe turned real green and lost it. After that he threw up again and then just layed down until it was over. However Dallin was completely unaffected..... For awhile. He was fine sitting there playing his little game boy and telling Abe that he was not sea sick. Then all the sudden he runs over to me and yells "I threw up on my game boy, my pj's and the chair!" Sure enough he had. Once again all of this is in 5 foot swells. It was really funny. After that we just all went back to sleep.

Once off the ferry we got to go and see Benj and Connie Beus! That was so fun! I have seen Benj and Connie every year since we left, but Dave had not seen them for 3.5 years. It was so fun to spend the night with them. They have a little baby girl named Grace, Dave fell totally in love! He held her (this is not normal behavior) and played with her. And when we left Saturday morning he told her he needs a baby her flavor in a few months. Dave really wants a girl. We didn't really do anything with Benj and Connie, we pretty much just enjoyed each other. The kids played and we caught up and watched Iron man. It was perfect!

Now we are at my parents house for a few days. If anything else exciting happens on our way to Georgia I'll try and remember to post again!

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twoplustwins said...

wow Jodi,
what an adventure. I am glad you made the trip down fine. It sounds like so much fun! It is great that you get to enjoy so many friends and family along the way. Keep us posted. By the way, I have your bag finished. So when you settled in Georgia I will mail it to you.