Friday, September 19, 2008

Fine Wendy.... you win!

Ok so my very good friend Wendy Beus reminded me today that I never up date my blog. I figured this would happen and is the exact reason why I resisted setting up a blog for so long.

So A LOT has been going on in our family. After 18 months of very hard training on Davids part he went to SFAS in July. (This is the selection course for Special Forces.) He made it through the whole course and did very well. He knew going into the selection room that he would be selected. However he was not selected for Special Forces. They do not give reasons why they select or do not select a soldier. This was the single biggest blow our family has ever faced. And one that the sting has yet to go out of. This also threw our family into a contingency plan we never dreamed we would have to use. We will now move to Ft. Gordon Georgia just outside of Augusta Georgia. For six months David will retrain to become a Signal Officer for the Army. (Please don't ask me what this is, all I know is that it involves computers.) Dave has never wanted to fix computers for the Army, but this will set him up for a normal job when we get out of the Army three years from now.

All of this happening has left us with about 60 days to sell our house. Our house is beautiful, we love our house. But it's on a funky lot. So it needs about 6 months to sell. We move in a week and 2 days and still no one has bought our house. Needless to say this makes me a total stressed out basket case and Dave is still calm, cool and collected about our current situation. He is sure we will get an offer in the next week. I sure hope he is right. Renting sucks and you never want to leave a house empty in Alaska through the winter. So we really have no choice but to rent it out.

For six months this year Dave and I tried to get pregnant. We got pregnant with the boys so quickly, not getting pregnant at will was a total shock to me. So the plan was to try till July and then stop trying until next year. So July came and I was not pregnant. I was bummed, but by the end of July I had totally moved on and was very excited about not being pregnant. We had nothing to worry about because Dave was gone most of July. Getting pregnant in July was not even possible. So Dave comes home late in the month of July.... sure enough impossible or not early August we find out we are expecting. Stinky Pete number 3 will arrive in April.

I am very excited to be pregnant. This is exactly what I wanted. However, we are going to be 80 miles away from a 6 flags when were in Georgia. This was very exciting to me. I love roller coasters and have always longed to live near a 6 flags. As crazy and selfish as it sounds my first reaction to realizing I'm pregnant was to mourn the loss of my beloved 6 flags. I didn't want to tell anyone about the baby. But after 2 days of sulking over 6 flags, Dave made me call my friends and tell them. He said I would Cheer up until someone other then him was excited. He was right. We can hardly wait for our little floppy, spit up encrusted little person to get here! However.... Holy crap! There not kidding when they say the body remembers! All my clothes still fit as they should. But I can't wear my shirts. As soon as my body registered that I was pregnant my gut shut right out! It's not cute!

We live in Alaska. There is a lot of wild life in Alaska. Abe loves animals. There is a beaver pond not far from our house. One day while we were driving in the car Abe says to Dave.... "Dad, why do you love to pet beavers so much?" This comment from our son has brought Dave and I hours of satisfaction! What a random question. Only as a grown boy will he understand just how that Innocent question was so stinking funny!

All of my transaction at work are closed out. I have loved being a Realtor! I have learned so much over the last year. I'm sure once all our babies are here I will return to the industry again. But it will be nice to just stay home again.

I'll blog again if the house sells in the next 9 days. If it doesn't I'll blog again when we get to Georgia.


brett said...

Hi Petes!
Congrats on being pregnant! No worries about six flags. After the baby comes, come to CA for a visit and Dori and I will take you there! My house is 1 hour from Six Flags Magic Mountain. Good luck moving. Wish we could help. Our blog is
I wish you were moving to CA so that you could cut my hair again!
Miss you guys,

The Remunds

twoplustwins said...

I am so glad you updated your blog. I need to call you I miss hearing how things are going. Things seem so crazy right now for you guys. But I am so excited to have you on the Eastern side of the US for awhile! I wish I was around to help out more. Keep us updated on how things are going.

Bowles said...

I hope you don't mind that I found you and snuck a peek at your blog.
I have really enjoyed reading,catching up and laughing. You have such a way of stating things. I love it.
Congratulation on the pregnancy. I hope you sell your house and the move to Georgia goes well.
I can't believe how your boys have grown. Its amazing. I'm glad they are good kids.
I hope you don't mind if I check in on you every once in a while.
You all have a fantastic day!

Wendy said...

Thanks for finally updating things. Glad to hear you weren't forced in to it in any way. :)

It was so good to see you and I wish the boys could get together more often as they had such a good time playing and oinking together. Let us know about your travels to GA.

Dori said...

why is that funny?