Monday, May 19, 2008

My little perverts!

Let me first begin by saying I love men! I always have, I always will. I have a wonderful father, wonderful brothers and a wonderful husband! All my best friends growing up were always guys! My favorite teachers were always guys! Each one of my girlfriends from Pullman is married to a really good man. (except Andrew of course) Most of the Army men I know are awesome. However, having said that guys are universally perverts. I have often found my self wondering why is it that guys are perverts? Well I now have two little boys. I am fast learning that boys come hard wired to be perverts!

The other day I was talking on the phone when I walked out to my back deck. As I looked down from the deck I was on, to the deck below me I saw my little boys. Both of which were laughing their little heads off. As I looked down I realized my oldest son Abraham had his pants down, hips out and was peeing off the back deck on to the ground. Both he and his younger brother Dallin thought this was a total hoot! The dog then started licking and sniffing the fresh little boy pee that was on the ground.

Today as we drove around Anchorage I took some time to listen to the conversations going on in the back seat. I heard Abe explaining to Dallin how much fun it is to pee into the dirt and make mud. They both began to laugh at this fond memory.

Tonight when we got home from our errands, it was time for bed. The little boys came in the bathroom and began the nightly routine. All of the sudden Dallin was head back, belly laughing! After a little bit I finally understand what was so funny. Dallin has a brown monkey beanie baby. He had this monkey's little mouth on his little penis and was laughing about how the monkey was going to drink the water. This is not something Dave or I taught him! This is an outrage to both of us!

Dave and I explained that kind of behavior is not ok! But non the less.... the moral of the story is this.... Boys come hard wired to be perverts! It's nothing in their upbringing, they are just perverts. But perverts or not, I still love them.


Wendy said...

Jodi - I love you and am so glad that you started a blog. Lisa told me about it. I am laughing my head off and really miss you guys. I have two little boys too that cause a lot of mischeif also - but I love it. Why is peeing so funny. Potty talk is to blame. Now we have a little lady in our home and so these boys have to straighten up. Visit my blog for her pictures.

Hawks Family said...

sista Peterson...perverts is kind of a strong term:) love ya!

Zona Bosted said...

What is it with boys....Not that I would know considering we have FOUR girls and boy parts are off limits in our house.