Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I give in!

I have been whole heartedly against blogging! But I miss my friends from Pullman so much that I am finally giving in. I really enjoy looking at their blogs, so I will make one of my own.

Dave and I live in Eagle River Alaska with our two sons and a naughty dog. Our oldest son turns 5 very soon and his name is Abraham. Our younger son is 3 his name is Dallin and he turns 4 in July. Our dogs name is Scout. She is the prettiest boxer I've ever seen. However she is very sneaky! Most days I hope she gets eaten by a bear. If a bear would just eat her it wouldn't be my fault and she would stop shedding in my house. It's natural selection baby! Every time she gets out of the house she runs away from us. She thinks it's a fun game, only it's not fun. She is FAST, neither Dave or I can catch her. Anyway every time she breaks out of the house I yell at her to go get eaten by a bear. I always thought I was a dog person... I was wrong.

Having said all that about the stupid dog.... the boys adore her! They play all day long with her and Dave loves her as well. I like her and all I just can't wait till she is really old and has hip dysplasia. Maybe then she will stop getting on my couch when I'm not home.

Abe is such a sweet little boy. He really is one of the most caring and sweet children I've ever come in contact with. He deeply cares about everyone he knows. I am so pleased with the little man that he is.

Dallin started this life as the spawn of the devil. But now has developed into a very pleasant child. All of our family that knew him as a baby is now very impressed with who he is now. He loves trains, mainly that creepy little Thomas. What is it with that train? Why do kids like him so much? Did you know Alac Baldwin is the narrator for all those Thomas shows? What a sell out.

David is so wonderful! He is still plugging along in the Army. He will be trying out for Special Forces some time soon. I am so proud of him. When I married David I thought I was getting a pretty good deal. It turns out I got a GREAT deal. He is my rock, he is so much stronger then me. If I would just follow the example David sets I would be a much better person then I am. I am so lucky to even know David, let alone be his wife.

I work at Prudential Jack White Vista Real Estate in Eagle River Alaska. Real Estate is the perfect job for me. I love people and I love houses! I get to work with people and help them into houses! I wish I would have thought of this years ago. I really do love my job. My office is awesome! Real Estate is a dog eat dog industry, but it doesn't feel like it in my office. Everyone is super supportive of me and in general everyone gets along really well. I love my job.

Well that's enough for one day. I'll try to figure out how to post pictures now. I know thats what people really want to see.

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Nygards said...

How are you? I found your blog from Dori's. You guys are so cute! I can't believe how old the boys are. How is life? That is awesome about you doing real estate. Hope you're doing good!
Love, Jen