Friday, May 1, 2009

All things Petersons

I really got lucky in the husband department.  David is an AWESOME father.  He is kind and understanding with his boys and he adores our daughter.  All four of us are very lucky to have him. The picture above was not staged. Molly was so mad when we had these pictures taken. The photographer just happen to snap this photo while Dave was calming Molly down.  I love it! As I was contemplating how lucky I am to have such a good man... my thoughts drifted to why Dave is such a good father and husband.  I decided it is learned behavior.  Paul is Daves dad. Paul is also an amazing father and husband.  I am so very grateful to him for showing Dave how to do it.  Even if it does mean he puts his foot in his mouth on a regular basis and teases all the time.  Traits he also learned from his Dad. I am so thankful for David.  It amazes me that Pauls behavior has been passed on to David, which in turn will be passed on to our boys. 
We don't always follow directions.

Before Molly was born I took Abe, Dallin and Kimi to a school carnival.  We did a lap around the carnival.  Then I fed everyone.  It cost me about 7 dollars to feed everyone.  I was fine with that. Then I went to the table where you buy the tickets for the games.  I was told you had to buy a bracelet, you cant just do a game or two.  The bracelets were 15 bucks.  That's 30 bucks for Abe and Dallin to throw penny's into cans and pretend to be a Jedi.  I said no way!  Sorry Abe but mommy doesn't have 30 dollars for that.  He had been really looking forward to the games.  On the way home from the carnival he was very up set. I explained to Abe that we are going to Disney World.  Disney world was going to be so awesome it would blow his mind.  When we got home, Abe flew into into Daves arms.  He started telling Dave about how I didn't have 30 dollars for the games...(just as he begins to cry a little) he says... yelling.... "And mom says Disney World is going to blow my mind!"  He was pretty up set about this. 
I love this Bumbo!  It's awesome!

Also before Molly arrived I was very upset about still being pregnant.  In a moment of frustration I grabbed Dave by the shirt and yelled " The baby is never coming!"  That night a very sincere and sober Abraham asked Dave...."Daddy, how come the baby isn't coming?"  He is such a sweet boy and was truly worried about the baby. 
Scout LOVES Molly! 

When I was in the sixth grade I wore BYU shirts.  Also in the sixth grade there were  fat twins.  Their last name was Boswell and they were in the seventh grade.  Every time I wore my BYU shirt they would yell Joseph Smith down the hallway at me.  This did not make me happy.  Finally I stopped wearing BYU things all together.  I have never recovered from this and had a huge chip on my shoulder toward BYU because of this experience.  David happens to be a huge BYU fan.  He isn't even embarrassed about this and wears BYU shirts with pride.  Our son Dallin also seems to be a BYU fan.  He wears his BYU shirts every day!  He wears them to his Methodist pre school.  I allow him to do this because I know I need to grow up.  Non the less every time Dallin wears his shirts it causes heart palpitations with in me.  
Abe doing Kung Fu on the Beach at Ty Bee Island... Dallin in the back ground collecting shells.

My mother in law Roma is awesome!  She came out to help me because my mom couldn't make it this baby. (she is on a mission with my dad.)  She packed, cooked, washed cloths and basically made my life wonderful so I could do nothing and recover from giving birth.  One day while Roma was here she told me that Kimi said a bad word.  This surprised me.  She said that she talked to Kimi about it and everything was fine.
Our day in Savannah was fun, but evryone was pretty tired, it's a walking city.

Leaving the beach at Tybee Island (right out side Savannah) Kimi tripped.  She fell down really hard on the board walk and surprised Roma, Dave and I.  I made sure she was fine and kept walking.  Then Roma (tattle tale) told me Kimi said a bad word again.  I honestly didn't believe Roma, even though she has never give me a reason not to trust her.  I said you must have mis understood her.  So I asked Kimi..."Kimi what did you say when you fell?"  Kimi replied with total honestly and confidence...."Oh, I said Shit."  I told Kimi we don't say that word, ever and where did you hear it?  She replied..."It's ok Jodi, that's what the bad guys say."  Bad guys what bad guys Kim?  "The bad guys that killed Jesus, they are very bad."  Dave and I didn't remember that dialog in the Lamb of God video.  So we talked about it and Kimi is going to try not to say that word any more. 
Typical night at the dinner table.  Note our little Molly eating with us.

Dallin pretty much always knows what he wants.  He is a little obsessive compulsive.  The other day we were in Atlanta at Costco. (This is a real treat as there is no Costco in Augusta.)  I took Dallin to the restroom with me.  I put him in a stall and I went into a stall.  Then I hear Dallin talking about how he only goes potty in little ones, but he has to go poo poo so he needs a big one. What ever I didn't think much about it.... until I saw a little boys feet shuffling past me with his shorts and underwear around his ankles.  I yelled, Dallin what are you doing?  He then told me... "Mom I told you I had to go poo poo, I have to have a big one for that, I only go potty in the little ones!"  My son had to relocated to the handi capped stall so he could go poo. 
This hat is really Dallins, but Abe is our snow ghost and had the greater need for the protection it offers.

Ok so the best story for last.  For those of you who don't know... in the military we call our grocery stores, commissary.  When Molly was about 2 weeks old I went to the commissary.  While there i needed to buy new pads, since I just had a baby and was bleeding.  I found the pad section but it seamed kind of weird to me.  I didn't recognize any of the brands.  I stood there for about 5 minutes before making my selection.  It took so long because I had never heard of any of the brands before.  I made my selection, went home and started using these new pads.  They were huge and uncomfortable.  I was very disappointed, but figured it was the commissary... what else could I expect. That night I joked with Dave several times that it felt like I was wearing a diaper.  A couple of days later I was at a Kroger and wanted new pads because the ones I had sucked.  I made my selection and walked to the end of the isle toward the check out.  At the end of the isle I looked over and there were the same pads I had bought from the Commissary.  They were indeed adult diapers.  For over 2 days I had been wearing adult diapers.  Sure that I was wrong... I went home and read the packaging.... yes, they are adult diapers.  Why oh Why do things like this always happen to me?
Dallin loves to smile for me!

The other night at family home evening we were talking about tithing, so we had a bunch of coins on the table.  All the sudden Abe yells Jesus Christ!  He sounded just like a disrespectful trucker. Dave and I were both outraged!  I saw that he was about to get a thumping from Dave.  Then I saw what he was looking at.  I yelled at Dave...."he's looking at a quarter!"  Dave stopped... and we investigated.  Abe was looking at the back of a Hawaii state quarter.  Holy crap kids give you so many different emotions in such short amounts of time.  We discussed that it looked like one of the Roman Soldiers... and once again.... we don't say that.
Abe is always being silly now days, I don't love it.
Kimi needed her picture taken here because "this is her fathers favorite!"  The funny thing is, my Dad stops and reads every single one of things like this.  She knows what she is talking about.
I love any picture of Dave with our children!
At this point in our waiting for Paula's cooking Dave is ready to go to Subway.
Alas, we waited a very long time to eat at the Lady and Son's... totally worth it!
She looks  sooooo sweet in this outfit!
I love this picture of our little Molly Pop!


Shelly Gale said...

Oh Jodi, I thought you knew that was Kim's favorite expression when she hurts herself. She has said it multiple times. One time Mom asked her why she said it and she said "You did." Which Mom had not. It is rather hard to reprimand her when one is laughing so hard. Just don't say shut up or son of a ... Your kids are the best. I can hardly wait for all of you to get here. Give everyone hugs and kisses.

twoplustwins said...

I love the pictures and laughs. I am so glad that Dallin feels comfortable to move about a public bathroom naked to get to the big stall (I won't put it past any of my kids).
By the way we all will probably come to a point in our lives that we need adult diapers...yours just happened sooner than others! :o)

Steph said...


To add to Shelly's comment also NEVER ask Kimi "what else dont we say". You will hear a lot more than the "S" word. Althought I have to agree with Shelly once you get over the shock it is quite funny. I am jelous you got to go to The Lady and Son's. I'm sure it is amazing food and having watched her cook a few times I bet you gain 10 lbs. just walking in the front door.

Winn Family said...

OKay...can your family get any more awesome!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Becky said...

Jodi I love you! Thank you for sharing your funny stories. I'm glad you got to take everyone to Savannah. Lady and Son's is so worth the wait!

Mom and Dad said...

Wow! What a bunch of wonderful pictures. Jodi you can certainly express yourself well. Your Dad has laughed until he cried. We are so glad that your darling children are our darling grandchildren.

Thank you,

Love Mom and Dad

Roma said...

I have just enjoyed some good chuckles reading your stories! I love them! Molly is growing sooo much, she looks quite a bit older than when I was there! I love all your pictures, I hope I can get copies of them since my camera died in the ocean! Love ya, Mom Pete.

Roma said...

I sooo enjoy your blog! It's so fun to see current pics of all of you! Can't wait to see you soon. Love MomP.