Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holy Crap, I'm an adult!

Roma and Molly at Uncle Dick and Aunt Janes house

David and I have no idea how Abraham and Dallin have turned out as well as they have. When we had Abe and Dallin Dave and I were so young and honestly we were awful parents! We had no earthly idea what we were doing. At the time I didn't understand why people would wait to have kids. Now I totally understand. We are much better parents with Molly then we ever were the the boys. When I had Abe I was 21 (almost 22). One of my friends was having her first baby at the same time as me. Her name is Sundy. Sundy was 29 years old when she had her first child. I remember having such respect at how brave she was to have kids when she was so old. I'll be 28 in a few days and that memory brings me hours of joy!
Some people get dogs, but in Texas the family pet happens to be a Long Horn!:)

I can honestly say that I treasure every moment of Molly. Every poopie diaper, ever spit up, every angry cry, every smile. I didn't do any of that with the little boys. Having the little boys was like survival of the fittest. It was either me or them. One of us had to win. I won, but I didn't treasure the ride when they were little. This is one of the many things that all the sudden makes me feel like an adult.
David, Jodi, Molly, Dallin and Abe on Molly's blessing day.

David is leaving again soon. So before he leaves us for another year, we decided to do something fun. Instead of just going to Texas, we took a side trip to Disney World. Our timing for being there was perfect. There are 5 parks at Disney World. We went over Memorial Day weekend and then into the week. We didn't know this would be good timing, but we're very please to realize how perfect it was. The only park that was crowded was Magic Kingdom. All the other parks were pretty empty. It was on this trip I realized just how grown up I have become.
Roma, Paul, David, Jodi, Molly, Dallin Abe

I did things like:
- pack a lunch each day.
- stayed at a less expensive place, with a kitchen, separate rooms and thought it was great!
- I wore tevas every day.
- I only let the boys buy one toy!
- I publicly breast fed several times a day.
The only thing I was missing was a fanny pack! (I will never don a fanny pack!) I realized my kids will really remember this. We can't get away with anything anymore. From here on out... they could remember anything!
David, Molly, Roma and Paul Peterson

We got to take Kimi to Disney World with us. Now I have always known what Kimi was. I remember being 6 or 7 and announcing to people that my sister is Mentally Retarded. I don't know why my mother gave me this phrasing to work with, but she did. I've always known this, but it's always been perfectly normal to me. So as far as I'm concerned Kimi is perfectly normal. For the most part you can rationalize with Kimi and for the most part she acts older then 6. However... all that went away at Disney World. I found my self on several occasions thinking to my self "Kim, you are Mentally Retard. There is no other way to slice it." All adultness goes out the window for Kimi when faced with characters from fairy tales and the cast of HSM3.
Erick Ravsten, Dick Wakefield, David, Molly and Paul Peterson

I got my first camera when I was 8. I remember taking pictures of everything! Well we got Kimi her own camera for the Disney World trip. She stopped and took pictures of everything! Every store, every painting, every statue. Nothing was off limits. This made for slow moving around Disney World. There were certain things she had to see. I didn't dare not fulfill those things. Finally around day 3 of being there I started telling her she could do that when she came back with Mom and Dad.
LeAnne Ravsten, Kimi Gale, Breann (Daves cousin) Jane Wakefield, Jodi, Molly and Roma Peterson

Abe once asked me why Anikin Skywalker went bad. I told him it was because he was selfish. One night when Dave was on the phone the little boys were being really loud. When Dave got off the phone he told the little boys they had been selfish when he was on the phone. Abe burst into real heart wrenching tears. It took a while to calm down. Once he calmed down he told us he didn't want to turn into Darth Vader! Then he burst into tears again.
Dallin, Abraham and Molly Peterson 05-31-2009

Lately Dallin has become very touchy feely. He has started to slightly part his lips when he kisses and linger a little too long on the lips. He also is constantly having to hug or touch me. The kissing gives me the willies and the touching drives me nuts. This problem is this.... he is still in this beautiful age of innocence. The kissing I'm putting the kibosh on, but the touching.... well soon enough he isn't going to want to hang on me all day. I feel the same way about Abe. Right now they are so innocent. But this fall they will attend Ki-Be elementary school. And I know their innocence will begin to fade. They also constantly play right now. I'll be so sad when that goes away.
Molly and Roma Peterson

So we're here in Texas now. Killeen Texas to be exact. I love Dallas, I'm not so in love with Killeen Texas. We are in a furnished apartment/ town House in the middle of town. It was the only place we could find that would let us stay for so short a time. Right now we're in a really weird place. I don't love being here. I'm sick of being in limbo. I want to give my kids stability. But when this is over and the stability comes.... Dave will be gone again. Another whole year with out Dave. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't like him so much. But I adore him. I hate being with out him. But I know it must be. The sucky thing is, we feel good about all this. So I can't even be bitter about it. I just get to endure another year away from my best friend.
Dallin and Molly Peterson

To say that Dallin loves Molly would be the understatement of the year. This little boy can't get enough of her! He is constantly touching her! Constantly "looking" at her aka: touching her. I'm glad he likes her so much, but I've never seen anything quite like this before.
Molly Rebecca Peterson 05-31-2009

Abe lost another tooth. He is now missing 2 teeth on the bottom. He looks kind of creepy. I can't stand loose teeth. And he has another loose tooth. The darn thing wont fall out. He wont eat on it, brush it or touch it.... and neither will I. I keep sending it mind bullets to just fall out. But no such luck yet.
Dallin and Abraham Peterson and Kimi Gale. Animal Kingdom Disney World.

I love living so close to my sister LeAnne. She is so neat. Her kids are awesome and Erick is wonderful! It's so fun to be able to scoot 3 hours north and go see them. To add to that fun our best friends Ben and Dori Hill are moving into the Dallas area! They get here tomorrow and I can't wait! It's been 4 years since we have gotten to spend much time with them. We wont get too much time before we leave, but we'll take what ever we can get.
Kimi Gale, Dallin, Molly, David and Abe Peterson Magic Kingdom Disney World.
Dallin, David Abe and Kimi in front of Cinderella's castle.

We lost our camera at Hollywood studios. Good thing Kimi had hers! The camera was awesome! We miss it very much. It was Daves first camera.
Beautiful Baby Molly Rebecca Peterson in her blessing dress 05-31-09. Thank you Grandma Gale for the beautiful dress!


Winn Family said...

I love it. I love it all! I love the trip the love how beautiful Molly is...everything. And how Abe cried about becoming Darth Vadar--AHHH, that is so sad and precious! You guys are great parents--that's how your kids are so great--so kudos! And I'm totally with you on the fanny pack--although I always think--"seriously Cari, that would be so convenient..." but I could never do it! Anyway--I'm so glad things are good.

Becky said...

I love you jodi and I love how you write. I hope your birthday went well and I'm sorry we didn't get to chat for longer. I hope everything goes well with your exudus to WA.

tawni said...

I love getting to sit and spend a little time with my Jodi while reading your blogs. You make me smile. I am so sorry you lost your camera, it would feel like I had lost an appendage!
Don't think being older makes you a better parent. You guys are great parents, I think of you often when I am losing my mind with my own. Hmmm, would Jodi just say "Do I need to spank your fanny?" (In the cute Abe voice, of course.)

Emily said...

I love all the pics Jodi, and I have to say Little Molly is so cute and I know it may make you mad but she looks a lot like Amy's baby pictures.

Zona Bosted said...

I love Molly's dress, especially the pink ribbon. I can't believe how big your boys are. Time sure flies when life is crazy.

misty said...

I love that Abe thought he was going to become Darth Vadar!!! That's great! And I LOL about Dally being so touchy feely! Nothing makes me giggle more than to think of you sitting behind me in church and hearing "don't touch me!"
I'm excited to see you guys again! Is Dave going to be in Afg. or Iraq?

Roma said...

Hi Jod, long time no posts!! I love looking at my family. You do such a good job on your blog. love ya, mom

misty said...

ok, time to change your blog up... I need something more from you since you don't call me back!:)