Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A cold harsh slap in the face

Molly and Tyson (Tommy's youngest son) July 2009

Many people have been reminding me that I haven't updated my blog for a very long time. The reason for this is because I like to express my feelings on my blog. With Dave gone my feelings are all over the place and for the most part keeping them to my self is just better for everyone. However several things have happened lately that have prompted me to update the blog.

Abe crossing the monkey bars. He was trying and trying and just couldn't get it. So Dave and I told him that if he crossed them we would give him a new Bionicle. With in 30 seconds for that promise being made, Abe crossed the monkey bars.

The last time Dave deployed we lived in Alaska. While there four of us became very close. These three women made all the difference in my survival of that 14 months. Alaska is a cold place. Me and the cold are NOT friends. But with these friends it didn't matter we had each other. I think for the most part non military people don't even begin to grasp the depths friendship can go. To say they become like family just seems cheesey and doesn't begin to explain the relationship. Well three of us are still very good friends. Dave is deployed again and so is Matt, my friend Katie's husband. Katie and Stephanie are the two I am still very close to. Both of them live in Washington DC. With Matt gone at the same time as Dave... I knew I had to go see Katie. I just seemed natural. And Dave agreed. So mid October Molly and I flew cross country to spend a week with Katie and Stephanie. It was wonderful!
Dallin, Cooper, Abe and Noah sleep over at Tommy and Kris's house.

So spending time with Katie was so wonderful! I needed that time I got to spend with her. When I got on the plane to fly home I was feeling sorry for myself. I was feeling this way because I felt it was totally unfair that my friends have lost a ton of weight and have been champion nursers of their little babies. (All three of us had babies with in 8 weeks of each other.) My parents have never been very big on equality with all their children. But I know most parents try to keep all their kids equal. I began thinking about how unfair that our Father in Heaven allows my friends to be smoking hot after having a baby and me fight for every pound I lose and have it come off so slowly and I'm an awful nurser! As I was feeling sorry for my self I started a conversation with my friend from across the isle.
Molly, Dave, Dallin and Abe at the Petersons house right before he left for Iraq.

The women I was sitting across from lives in Nome Alaska. She had two daughters with her and was headed back to Nome. In the course of our conversation she mentioned she had a young foster baby. Only 5 months old. I asked her how she got a baby so little. She then told me that this little babies father is in jail for killing the babies 7 month older brother. The mom was 2 months pregnant when the Dad killed the little boy. The mother of the little baby girl committed suicide when she was one month old. All the sudden my love handles seemed like a gift from my Heavenly Father and less like an unfair allotment. This situation was a wake up slap for me to re realize how good I've got it.
Dave and Molly the morning Dave left for the year.

I know God has a plan. But I don't have a clue what it is. I could never be a social worker. I'm pretty sure that field would make me really angry with the Lord. And that's the last thing I need in my life.
Dave and the Boys the day Dave left for Iraq... again.
So Dave is back in Iraq and since we were only in Texas for 7 weeks before he left... we packed up and moved home to Washington. Shelly is staying at home while my parents are gone so we joined her. This has been great. The little boys adore her and It's so nice to have help with my three little kiddos.
Abe and Dallin on Dallins first day of school 2009. Headed off to mom old stomping grounds. Kiona - Benton Elem. So trippy for me to see th boys go to school there.

Kimi is so very happy to be back. She is the funniest kid I've ever met. We made a lot of progress of breaking Kimi of habits, patterns and irrational activity. I feel like the moment we walked back through these doors all that went out the window. It's taken some time but we finally have her hooked up with her services. She is excited to be back.
I took the whole family to their first political rally. I'm so glad I took the kids. I love slowly brain washing them! It's the best!
This was my favorite sign at the 9-12 rally!
Dallins first soccer season. He had a good time and even made contact with the ball a few times!
Molly Peterson and Ellie Sanderson. The Peterson family has produced four babies this year. Ellie is the last to arrive. We got to spend two days with Matt and Lou. It was really good to see them. Their place in DC is so cute!
Molly is the best Barbie Doll ever! I love dressing her up!
This was sooooo much bigger then I thought it was going to be.
The babies of 2009! Christopher Sheftic, Molly Peterson, Jack Hixson.
Katie and Christopher, Jodi and Molly, Stephanie and Jack. All three of us together. It was really perfect getting to see my friends again. And their babies are so super sweet!
Molly on the airplane. She was the model baby for air travel. Seriously such a good baby!
GI Joe Abe and Dallin.
Everyone by David at Shelly's work party. Halloween 2009.
Dallin is a good little guarder! He has also made two baskets! (in practice not live game.)
Abe's first Basketball game. The jury is still out on whether or not Abe is a natural athlete or not. He is having a good time and that's all that matters.
Abe and Dallin with their carved pumpkins. I really didn't mind carving the smaller ones. It's the bigger pumpkins that make me want to pull my hair out.
Dallin LOVED his pumpkin. Kimi threw it away twice. Twice I had to go through the outside huge trash and retrieve it. Kimi was up set because she said she can't have her birthday if pumpkins are still out. Pumpkins are for Halloween, not birthdays.
Molly Halloween 2009. She is so cute I can't handle it.
Chicken Molly Pop Peterson. Her very first Halloween.
Jodi and Molly, trunk or treat 2009.


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So cute! I'm excited to meet Molly soon!

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It's so fun to get an update. Dallin looks so much older!! I really need to meet Molly. I know she and Claire are going to be such good buddies.

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THANK YOU!!! No really- I always learn something from you... an your pics are pretty cute too!! :)

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Your children are beautiful. And getting so big. Little Miss Molly has the most beautiful eyes and smiles.

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Hooray! You're back! I LOVE your blog, and you and your family! Mom Dad says to check out his blog.

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Aunt Jodi-
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