Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The death of Summer

I bet people who LOVE the “Fall Season” also enjoy watching puppies die.  It’s by far the most depressing time of year.  Every Autumn is a drawn out death of the earth.  The flowers and grass die.  The sky is constantly gray.  Dried out stalks of corn become centerpieces.  Wearing flip-flops results in frostbite.  The bottoms of pants are perpetually wet.  An afternoon on a boat becomes a non option.  Noses are constantly cold.  Soda pop is replaced by hot cider.  Bratwursts are replaced by Chili.  And fresh strawberry pie is forsaken for apple crisp.  Autumn just reminds me that I’m not going to be warm again till at least May!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…..  I hate Fall. 

So today was weigh in day at Weight Watchers.  I GAINED .4 pounds.  Once again the lady weighing me in didn’t say anything to me.  She didn’t even make eye contact with me!  I would prefer her to call me a fatty and tell me to lay off the late night snacks.  At least that would be honest instead of passive aggressive.  I was so hopeful for this weeks weigh in.  I feel like my clavicles have reappeared!  Which usually means that I’m losing weight.  Apparently not.

There is nothing more frustrating then losing weight.  I know how to lose weight and I know it’s a very slow process. Having this knowledge does not make the process any easier.  All the pain is worth it, six months from now when I feel cute again.  In the mean time the only thing that keeps me plugging along is knowing that if I throw the towel in… I’ll gain 20 more pounds and then I’ll be super duper miserable and 20 additional pounds away from where I want to be.  Why can’t I be one of those tall skinny chicks?

When I was 11 years old I caught a bouquet at a wedding.  I brought it home and promptly pulled out my mothers wedding dress.  (She was sound asleep)  So excited about my bouquet, I tried on her dress.  My dad caught me.  He then took a picture.  What you can’t see in that picture is the six-inch gap in the back of the dress where the buttons wouldn’t come together!    One year later I started dieting and it hasn’t stopped since then.  By the way, for as tiny as my mother is… she sure handed me a set of baby birthing hips and shot putter thighs.  Combine that gift from my mom with my fathers very large bones… well the combination keeps me on my toes. 

Running is going ok.  I’m starting to feel a little strength in my lungs.  But it’s not fun yet.  I enjoy my four-mile walk/runs.  I have worked myself up to 2 minutes walking followed by 3 minutes for running.  But once a week I’ve been doing a 5k and it’s no fun.  I honestly dread it.  Since David is gone till the end of the month, I’ve hired a college age girl from church to come to the house for one hour a day.  This will force me to get outside and exercise.  Which is what I need right now.

This weeks weight watchers goal is to drink more water.  I have pretty much stopped drinking water.  This is super unhealthy and could very well be the reason why I’m not shedding the lbs.  But I have grown weary of spontaneously wetting my pants.   So I’m trying to negate the pant wetting by not drinking water.  This plan seems to be backfiring.  A lass I will drink more water this week.  And if I do publicly pee my pants I’ll just tell everyone around me that I’m trying to get skinny.  So it’s ok.  Right?  

 Oh my goodness I miss this man!  Hawaii with Davey is my happy place!
 Did  you know Hawaii has one Season and one season only?  Hawaii knows nothing of the horror of it's beauty dying off every year.  This picture was taken in January!  Hawaii is the happiest place on earth!  I would give anything to be stationed there.  But it probably wont ever happen.  Loving where were stationed just never seems to be in the cards for me.  Oh well we can always visit!


Stephanie B said...
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Kristine said...

Oh how I feel your pain. I hate the winter. Let's just move to Hawaii together!!!

Shelly said...

Ah... beach.. water....island.. that is a happy place for me too :)