Monday, October 10, 2011

My Military Moment

I do not fly my American flag very often.  Homemade patriotic things do not adorn my walls.  I never forward on American pride e-mails.  I do not copy and paste things I find on facebook.  I do however love my country.  I have always been deeply grateful for the men and women who are willing to serve.  It is my pleasure to be married to one such man.  I know the protection of the many comes at a price for the few.  I couldn’t be prouder that David is one of those men. 

Dave is gone again.  I really can’t complain, I’ve had him home for most of the year.  It’s been so nice.  But he left again on Sunday.  Off to be a dirty soldier.:)  For the last 3 years he has been a clean little support soldier.  But for the rest of the month he’s at a “class” where he will get down and dirty with the Army again.  He could have avoided this most unpleasant “class”, but he has chosen not to.  I am eternally grateful to him and all those like him. 

Which got me thinking....  I am so very grateful for the Doctors and Dentists who are willing to serve in the Military.  A lot more money can be made in the civilian world.  But they are willing to serve me, and my people.  Military medicine is very much like socialized medicine.  It has major flaws and it’s free.   Only a few people are caring for many people, which causes frustration on both parts.  We are however grateful to have it.  Our family is not on the fully free medical plan.  We pay for our insurance.  However, finding someone to take our insurance is a daunting task.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the civilian Doctors and Dentists who accept my insurance and care for my family.  I am aware that it doesn’t pay as well.  So once again I say… THANK YOU FOR SERVING ME, AND MY PEOPLE.

I love being an American. I feel so blessed to have been born in the worlds greatest Nation.   I am so proud of my husband for making it his job to protect the American people. 

P.S.  This post is NOT about me.  Comments about “how strong the families at home are”, are not welcome.  I am merely expressing my gratitude for the people in the Military and the people who care for them and their families.   

This picture was taken on the 24th of July 2009 at Paul and Roma Petersons house.  The boys are saying the pledge because it is Pioneer day.  Look closely and you'll see why we call this picture 
Pledge and Protect!  It is probably my favorite picture of all time.


cassi said...

LOL Well said, Jodi! HILARIOUS picture!

Roma said...

You have a very nice way with words! Good job! I have such a good laugh whenever I look at this picture! A candid shot like this one will never happen again! Love ya!